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Middle High Athletic Lockers & Weight Room

Fully Completed Project Date: January 2020

The district is looking to meet the needs of all of the students participating in physical education and all athletics programs by providing adequate spaces.  The new athletic locker rooms and upgrades to existing locker rooms provide:

  • Better supervision of students

  • Ability to secure students in an emergency situation

  • Ample stalls for changing

  • Running water

  • Access to more toilets and sinks

  •  Ability for all team to have a locker room

  • Instructional space for teams


  • 05/10/19 - Commencing May 28, Kirst will be installing a fence on the white lines painted in the back parking lot.  The fence is being installed to keep students safe and to house materials and their equipment.

  • 07/12/19 - The foundation, plumbing, frost walls, and backfill are completed. Piles for both entrance canopies are in.  Piles for the long canopy entering the existing athletic area outside door are in.  Concrete flooring is scheduled to be poured starting the week of July 15th.

  • 07/30/19 Walls are going up.  How exciting!

  • 8/15/19 As the walls progress in construction, you can start seeing where the doors and windows will be.  Come check it out!  Sidewalks next to building and entrance into the weightroom are being poured.

    • Weight Room Update - The entrance door and the door into Mr. Tompkins have been cut out​.  Ceiling has been removed.

  • 09/04/19 - Middle Entrance by weight room outside door & Gym hallway door are now open for use.  Sidewalks near gym and middle entrance have been poured.  95% of outside block walls are complete!

  • 09/16/19 - Concrete floors are being poured on the 23rd of September with the roofing steal scheduled for arrival by the 30th of the same month. 

  • 09/30/19 - Floors are being poured.  Doors going into the pool and new hallway should be installed during the month of October. Steel scheduled to arrive end of October for roofing.

  • 11/08/19 - Walkway Canopies Steel in place.  Roof steel in place.  Decking will be installed the 8th of November.  Roofers are scheduled for Nov. 18th. 

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