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CSE Wing Restroom

Fully Completed Project Date: January 2020

The Elementary 2nd floor above the library has a couple of offices and a conference room utilized by the Committee on Special Education to conduct business and meet with parents and educators on students' individual educational plans.

This space does not have access to a restroom and for those with limited mobility it becomes a hardship to have to travel to the front or back of the school.

Part of the records retention room is being utilized to put in a single restroom.



  • 08/13/19 - This project is scheduled to begin the week of August 19th with the drilling through the concrete floor for sewage plumbing.

  • 09/30/19 - Plumbing is all set.  Bathroom construction needs to be coordinated with other projects.  Date not set yet.

  • 01/28/2020 - Walls have been built, new lights are up. Sink is installed.

  • 05/21/2020 - What is left is the fixtures and the door to be hung.

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