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Middle High Gymnasium

Fully Completed Project Date: June 2020

The gymnasium is receiving several upgrades centered around safety and program opportunities.  The gym has a divider which allows two physical education classes to take place at the same time.  Half of the current divider material is mesh which allows the sound to travel from one side to the other making it difficult for interactions between students and staff.  The divider is also deteriorating.  The Gymnasium is being outfitted with:

  • New Roll-up solid divider

  • New wall padding

  • Batting cage

  • CFL lighting replaced with LED lighting (through an Energy Efficiency Project)


  • 08/14/19 - LED Lights have been installed.

  • 08/15/19 - Gym floor is waxed and ready for use.

  • 09/04/19 - The remainder of this project is schedule to start around Christmas.

  • 11/08/19 - Batting Cage is being installed during Thanksgiving Break.  Gym availability is intermittent, please check with Athletic Director.

  • 12/09/2019 - Batting Cage has been installed.  The new center divider is also installed.  Wall matts will be installed over Christmas break.

  • 12/30/219 - New wall pads are currently installed.  Some finishing touches will be complete by January 3rd, 2020.

  • 01/28/2020 - Scoreboards are the only item left to finish.  Currently, we are in the selection stage.

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