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Elementary Front Entrance

Fully Completed Project Date: January 2020
  • During School Hours the flow of parents and visitors will be into the mini foyer between the wooden doors.  There will be a shatter proof glass door into the office.  The building secretary will buzz people in.   The second set of wooden doors will be locked after arrival of students.

  • More efficient cost effective HVAC system will be in place to help localize where heat and cooling is delivered.  Less waste of resources when school is out.

  • Carpets are being replaced with vinyl for ease of cleaning.

  • The old broadcast system is being retired and VOIP system in place will be expanded to deliver better audible messages to places like the gym, cafeteria and outside fields.

3D 1.JPG

The Elementary Front Entrance is receiving an extensive safety upgrade which will change the flow of how parents and other visitors enter the rest of the building during normal hours of operation.  Although different than it has been in the past, today's world demands a significantly higher level of security for our children.


  • 07/21/19 - New Heating and air conditioning units are scheduled to start being placed on the 22nd of July.  Disruption to the areas (Office and principal rooms) might be sporadic.

  • 08/06/19 - The Elementary Office has been stripped of furniture to ensure contractors have access to install the HVAC Heating & Cooling ductwork.  An opening has been cut out into a wall to install entrance door.

  • 08/14/19 - The door and windows for the new entrance into the office should be in within the first week in September.  The cavity will be secured closed with steel and plywood till the door and window arrive. Ventilation, cooling and heating will be up and running prior to school.

  • 08/15 & 8/16 Power OFF on entire building for upgrade.

  • 08/15/19 - The painting and ceiling are being installed on the week of August 19th. The flooring is schedule to be installed last week in August.

  • 8/27/19 - Opening to office and office wall finish and paint is done.  Flooring going in on 8/28/19.  See pictures.

  • 09/04/19 - We currently have a temporary office setup.  New door delivery scheduled for mid October due to bullet resistant glass installation.  Desk console scheduled out for end of November.

  • 09/16/19 - The date for the installation of the glass door and window from the hallway entrance into the office is scheduled for October 2, 2019.  October 11th is set aside to do the final installations in the elementary main office.  A temporary signin and signout station will be in place in the foyer.

  • 09/26/19 - We are finished with ductwork on the first floor in the front offices.

  • 09/30/19 - Heating and AC are fully installed and running.  New door being installed the week of October 7th. 

October 11th, Main Office is closed for new desk and wiring installation.  Office will be back up and running by October 15th.

  • 10/18/19 - Office Door & Window are installed.  Desk and lights are finished and functioning.  Door controls have been approved and are being scheduled for delivery TBD. 02/25/2020 No update.

  • 5/2/2020 - Door controls in the foyer will finish the project.  These are schedule to be installed by August 31st.

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